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Billy: Then Here is A different problem regarding the State-of-the-art tradition with the Mayans as well as their extinction or downfall, respectively. Can you report concerning this? I suppose that you have knowledge regarding the historical past of the Mayans, You should not you concur?

Quetzal: ...It will be so - and however more. While you now could conclude by oneself with your good voyage, in the area and site, there revolve all over Saturn 29 moons that are actually for being beholded as a result. These are typically expected to generally be discovered of their full range in roughly nearly 25 several years by probes and by telescopes. But in fact, there aren't anymore a great number of that can nonetheless be uncovered approximately this range simply because since your journey to Saturn, the Earth scientists have learned a few much more moons, but which evidently slipped past you in the course of the previous few many years.

Billy: While using the periods of outbreak, would you signify the incubation time, for the duration of which the body develops the ailment or epidemic and breaks out In case the pathogens will not be totally neutralized or eradicated by the body’s self-protection method?

Billy: ...asteroid Eros, which I had been permitted to see over the excellent journey (1975)and which appears just like a potato, with Countless substantial boulders that are scattered about and which are lined in many areas by "blue dust or other blue product", whereby also several craters protect the floor of your House projectile.

"Experts have warned that variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob illness (vCJD), the human form of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), may very well be transmitted by way of entire blood transfusions by donors who have no indications on the condition."

Billy: With the several epidemics and disorders appearing in the coming time, the immune technique in people, even so, will usually or maybe totally are unsuccessful, while you by now discussed prior sites to,...a thing that you known as the Nile epidemic or anything similar.

Billy: On my Terrific Journey, Once i, through Ptaah's kindness, was allowed to observe all SOL planets and their moons at near range, it had been defined to me that Triton would be the coldest framework amid each of the planets and moons during the SOL technique. At a afterwards time, Semjase took me back on the moon Triton, wherever I noticed a fascinating phenomenon, particularly that, like away from volcanoes, some steams - regular steam jets - escaped from craters with the moon's surface area and afterwards evaporated at an increased altitude.

"Do you at any time question why migrating animals which include birds, salmon, and whales, to call some, hardly ever seem to meander off course read this and wander away? The solution, according to a handful of new scientific tests, could possibly be that These migration routes and navigation competencies are tough-wired into your animals' brains."

Billy: …is it feasible to make a perseverance about the fabric mass within our obvious material universe if 1 completely excludes the other 6 belts?

Quetzal: A person explanation was really strong climatic improvements, which prolonged around around 230 several years. A time all through which the Yucatan Peninsula, in which the particular Mayan society was settled, was hit by a lot of droughts, which cost Many of us's lives or forced them into migration.

"College of Arizona astronomers have found out three billion miles from Earth what could be a third moon with the World Neptune, experts declared today."

Quetzal: Using the moons, it's its correctness; Therefore, there is nothing even further to say to that. In regards to the steams, it is to get said that it worries evaporating nitrogen ice, which freezes out in the wintertime then evaporates, once the Triton Wintertime, in the irradiation from the Sunshine once more.

"In its first major discovery because coming into orbit, NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has detected evidence of substantial quantities of water ice below the surface of the Pink Planet, researchers introduced Friday."

"Researchers have found evidence to propose that weather transform, instead of people, was the leading variable that drove the woolly mammoth to extinction. A DNA Investigation exhibits that the quantity of creatures started to minimize Significantly previously than Beforehand considered as the earth's climate modified.

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